Kooky Cookie poems inspired by Basho

It’s a hot night. Unbearable. I tried sleeping, but it led to tossing and turning and calling down curses upon Summer. So what does one do when one feels all hot and bothered on a Summer night? Why get up and read Basho, of course. One haiku in particular stuck out for me, and it’s pretty obvious why. Inspiration struck my boiled brain, and I sat down and whipped out a baker’s dozen of pomes and haikoos in “homage.”

Here is Basho’s haiku:

Awake at night–

the sound of the water jar

Cracking in the cold.


And here is a sampling of mine. Enjoy!


Awake at night

with an empty cookie jar

and a glass of milk whiter than

the moon.


Fingering the cookie jar

Finding only crumbs

Licking them from my fingers.


Feeling inside the cookie jar

I find only the Spirits of Cookies Past

but they don’t taste the same.



I didn’t live alone

I could blame


for the empty




A silly sleepy poem

I’ve been immersed in rewriting my novel and so have neglected my blog. And what do I pick to post for my comeback, but a silly little poem. There will be more soon. And better. Again. I promise.

Until then . . . Enjoy.



So tired

I lie my head

in the crook of my arm—


But why’s it a crook

for what’s it stolen?

If anything

my arm’s a saint

for letting me sleep here—


So tired

I lie my head

in the saint

of my arm


and sleep

the sleep

of the just.

Badly-Drawn Monsters Drinking Coffee

Yep. Monsters. Badly-drawn and drinking coffee. I’ve had a lot of meetings lately, and while I’m waiting for the meeting to begin, while gnawing at a bagel and slurping coffee,  I use that time to draw. I find myself drawing monsters, because can you really screw up a monster? And coffee, because meetings are usually in the morning and the only thing on mind is coffee. Obviously, I’m not an artist, but with Halloween coming I couldn’t help but share a few doodles.


skeletonmummymonster coffeefly

Hello, I’m back.

Well, back again from a quick holiday. I haven’t posted in quite some time, due to wedding planning and preparation, getting married, and then heading off on honeymoon. That, and I’ve been off enjoying the summer with family and friends. Somehow I just lost track of time. I’m back at writing, and will be posting again.